What are the Print Sizes?

SMALL –  5×7 image printed on archival 8×10 paper, matted to fit any standard 8×10 frame.

SMALL CANVAS – 8×10 image to edge of canvas face.  1.25″ sides are color.

MEDIUM – 7×10 or 8×10 image printed on archival 11×14 paper, matted to fit any standard 11×14 frame.

MEDIUM CANVAS – 11×14 image to edge of canvas face.  1.25″ sides are color.

LARGE – 11×14 or 10×15 image printed on archival 13×19 paper, heat mounted and matted to fit into any standard 16×20 frame.

XL – 12×16 or 13×19 image printed on 13×19 paper, heat mounted and matted to fit into any 18×24 or 20×24 frame.

Other print sizes are available upon request.

What do the art terms Original, Limited Edition, and Open Run mean?

When you buy an original, you are purchasing the original etching on the original Masonite scratchboard.

If you prefer to purchase a print, know that Joseph makes his own print reproductions from the originals.  All of his prints are on professional-grade paper, and he uses only archival-quality ink.

A “limited edition” print, also called a ‘signed and numbered’ print, means that only a finite number of the prints have been made; once those prints are sold, they will no longer be available.  Your limited edition print, therefore, will include a number in the lower left-hand corner.  For example, 20/250 means you have purchased the 20th out of 250 prints in existence.  Each limited edition print is also individually hand-signed by the artist.

In contrast, an “open run” print has no manufacturing limit; thus, there is NO number in the lower left corner of the print.  (Joseph still individually signs each print in the lower left corner.)


What is Scratchboard Art?

Scratchboard is an etching process developed over 300 years ago in Europe. Using hand tools such as scapels and needles, the artist removes black India ink that has been applied to a white board. By “scratching” away the black ink, the white board underneath is exposed to form the desired image. Color can then be lightly applied into the scratch marks, depending on the desired effect.

Joseph uses many creative tools to achieve a variety of scratch depths and shades. He adds the color via a transparent wash.

When you purchase an original scratchboard etching, you will immediately notice the solidity of the Masonite board, the true blackness of the India ink, and – most amazingly – every needle mark involved in creating your original etching. The black-white contrast is striking, as is the acrylic color sparingly added to the etch marks.

Each original is carefully matted and framed to enhance the aesthetic of the artwork.